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Scratch Stories: Storytelling…with a twist!

Storytelling is something that captures the hearts and minds of all children. This workshop uses that to engage pupils in a day that not only inspires them to write their own story but to do so in a way that furthers their own learning and development in programming.  

This enrichment day covers both the Computing and English programmes of study at Key Stage 2, and many of the learning outcomes (particularly 1 – 5) are taken from the Upper Key Stage 2 Programme of Study for English.

The day starts with pupils recollecting their own favourite stories and sharing ideas with their peers about why those particular stories became their favourites. Pupils are encouraged to look for common features which appear in all stories, and in particular, “what makes a good story”. There is potential here for the day to be centred around a class reading book (if there is one) if the primary teacher wishes.

Pupils spend time in the first half of the day decomposing an existing interactive story and making various alterations to it. Once they become familiar with the idea of programming stories, pupils are encouraged to generate their own ideas for their own story in pairs or small groups. Various planning and storyboarding is carried out before pupils create their own interactive storybook. Time is left at the end of the day for pupils to test and debug their own the stories, whilst devising their own success criteria. 

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