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Workshop: IT/Digital Literacy & Online Safety

IT/Digital Literacy & Online Safety is...

A key part of the new Computing Programmes of Study is the development of digital literacy skills to enable our pupils to become effective users of new technologies. Workshops that fall under this category will include skills in: movie making, graphics and animation as well as using and learning about new technologies. 

Online Safety is an important strand in the new Computing Programmes of Study as well as schools' safeguarding strategies. Workshops are currently in development that effectively and creatively teach students to become responsible users of technology. 

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App in a Day: An Apps for Good Taster Workshop

“Apps have been changing the way people communicate, work and play. Traditional businesses, from media to retail, have been seeing their business models disrupted by start-ups that amass millions of users within the space of a few months with minimal marketing budgets.” (Vision Mobile, 2014) Apps have become an important part of our digital world today and the industry attracts developers and designers from across all age groups, from teenagers to 65+. 

Crazy Mazes

What makes a maze crazy? This workshop will inspire pupils to rise to the challenge to discover the answer for themselves. Developed at the Townley Grammar Digital Schoolhouse, this workshop provides pupils with an excellent foundation for programming and development. Pupils begin the day by working through the facts related to computers and using these as a starting point for discussion.

Digital Footprint

The ‘Digital Footprint’ project was developed by the Digital Schoolhouse and V. Allen from Millais School to introduce pupils to the concept that their online activity leaves in effect a ‘digital footprint’ that can be used to identify them.

Let's Doodle: What will you create?

This is a computing lesson with a difference. This cross-curricular workshop developed with 3Doodler involves no programming, but covers every strand of the Computational Thinking Framework and allows pupils to accelerate and work towards Key Stage 3 strands in the Programmes of Study. The new Design & Technology Programmes of Study are also partially covered at both Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3.

Oddventurous Gaming: Play the Game, Be the Game!

We all play games; it’s one of the most popular leisure activities in the UK. Whether it’s playing video games or board games or even physical games; participating in them can help spark curiosity and develop important critical thinking & problem solving skills as well as address whatever issues the designer originally intended. This workshop aims to teach pupils key concepts of games design. Developed in collaboration with Disney and Playniac the Digital Schoolhouse brings knowledge from the games industry into the classroom.

True or False?

The ‘True or False’ workshop was developed by the Digital Schoolhouse and V. Allen from Millais School to introduce and reinforce the idea that not all news found online is trustworthy and reliable. The aim is to gets the pupils to question what they see on the Internet. Is it real? Is it biased? Is it false?

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