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Workshop: Data Representation

Data Representation is...

Computers are digital machines, so ultimately all the data that we see on a computer is actually stored in electrical circuits as electrical pulses which we commonly represent as 1's and 0's. These 1's and 0's are known as Binary. 

All the workshops that fit under this category consider how computers represent information. While some workshops such as Crazy Graphics look at how computers represent images and the benefits of digital imagery. Others in development will consider the representation of sound and text. 

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Crazy Graphics

This workshop enables pupils to lift the lid of computer graphics and explore how computers deal with the visually rich world around us. During this day pupils cover not only computational concepts, but also enable opportunities for coverage of programmes of study for Art, whilst building in numerical skills and understanding required for the Maths curriculum.

Databases Unplugged

This workshop is based on the material written by Mark Dorling and published with CS Unplugged

The day begins with a series of unplugged activities to introduce pupils to the fundamental concepts of databases. The skills and concepts developed here begin at a very simple level but progress to cover abstract concepts such as Relational Databases. The series has been aligned to match the scope, range and targets recommended in the Computing At Schools document "A Curriculum for Computing."

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