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The ‘True or False’ workshop was developed by the Digital Schoolhouse and V. Allen from Millais School to introduce and reinforce the idea that not all news found online is trustworthy and reliable. The aim is to gets the pupils to question what they see on the Internet. Is it real? Is it biased? Is it false?

Pupils will look at firstly what is fact and opinion and how some opinions can be biased. They will then look at how searching for information has changed and how books can have a greater reliability than online sources. For schools that have a library, this workshop is a great way to build in a visit. Encouraging students to explore printed sources of information can be a great way to compare the author’s viewpoints.

Pupils will look at how to check the validity of the information they have found on the internet, via their WebQuest and then get a chance to create their own. This along with the range of keyword which has been incorporated into this material will allow the pupils to have a toolkit of questions when using the internet, which will enable them to identify reliable information and keeping them safe online.

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True or False?

Pupil worksheet - True or false.docx
Pupil worksheet - True or false.pdf
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