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Ark St Albans

Ark St Alban’s is excited to be a participant in the Digital Schoolhouse program. We expect all of our students to go onto university or into a career of their choice, succeed there and then lead fulfilling and happy lives that make them happy and allow them to contribute back to their community.

Ballyclare High School

We would like to give your year pupils an exciting opportunity to attend a free educational opportunity at Ballyclare High School. We have been designated as one of the first Digital SchoolHouse hubs in Northern Ireland. This effectively means we have been designated financial support to offer our local feeder primary schools ICT skills set by the Digital Schoolhouse programme. These tie in directly with the Northern Ireland KS2 curriculum of using ICT ie ”Pupils should be enabled to develop Using ICT skills by engaging in meaningful and purposeful activities, set in a range of contexts.

Campion School

Campion School already has strong links with local primary schools. Through our primary liaison program year 5 and year 6 students have experienced art and science activities, now with the support of Digital School House we can extend this to computing activities to prepare students for the computing curriculum at key stage 3.

Coppice Primary School

Coppice Primary School is a vibrant, happy, creative learning community in Hainault, in the London Borough of Redbridge on the borders of Essex.

We are extremely proud to become a Digital Schoolhouse and very excited to get started.

We are a little different to many of the other Digital Schoolhouses as we are a primary school and not a secondary school offering a more transitional session from KS2 to KS3.

Our workshops are tailor-made, in consultation with each visiting school and can be delivered to both KS1 and KS2.

Gildredge House School

Gildredge House is delighted to be a Digital Schoolhouse and is looking forward to inspiring both students and teachers with the exciting world of Computer Science.

With a focus on fun, interactive activities, we believe in delivering a Computing curriculum which develops students understanding of computational thinking through the use of both plugged and unplugged activities.

Gildredge House is an all through 4 – 19 free school in Eastbourne on the south coast. We are also a Lead School in the Network of Excellence in Computer Science teaching.


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