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Shire Oak Academy

Shire Oak Academy

Digital Schoolhouse fits in brilliantly with Shire Oak Academy’s primary partnership. Students have previously visited the Academy for Maths, Science and PE lessons as well as STEM days. The Digital Schoolhouse extends this into Computer Science. Our aim is to assist our overburdened primary school teachers, so that they have the confidence and skills to deliver Computer Science effectively. This will ensure that students come to us in Year 7 armed with the skills and love for Computer Science and Computational thinking. By knowing what is being delivered at primary school level, we can better plan our Key Stage 3 curriculum so that students see progression, rather than repeating work they have already done or doing work, which is too easy.

We believe that Computing should be challenging, exciting, rewarding and most of all fun. Our courses offer unplugged activities away from the computer along with hands-on programming experience in Scratch, Code Combat and Python. Thinking and problem solving skills are utilised throughout as children are encouraged to really understand problems, break them down and create solutions using code. The Digital Schoolhouse project allows us to offer our Computing expertise to Year 5 and 6 pupils preparing them for our challenging KS3 Computing curriculum and beyond.

Workshop dates and time

Wednesday 12.55pm.

We are currently offering the Get with the Algo-rhythm and Let's Play Code Combat: Playing with Python workshops. We can accommodate up to 60 students in any workshop session.

Postal address

Shire Oak Academy
Lichfield Road
Walsall Wood
West Midlands
United Kingdom


01543 452518



We have 4 Computing Rooms, 2 with 30 networked PCs, 1 with 30 chromeboxes and 1 with 32 chromebooks. We have Raspberry Pis set up in the 4th Computing Room. We use 2 of the networked Computing rooms for Digital Schoolhouse.

Schools will come as part of the primary partnership programme. This is on a rota, every Wednesday. Transport is provided to and from the Academy. Students have access to the playground and their breaktime and dinnertime are separate from our students. They have access to the canteen and lunches are pre-booked.

Students will receive 2 sessions on the Wednesday afternoon. Shire Oak staff will then visit the Primary school on the Thursday after this to deliver the third session. Where there are more students than resources available at the primary school, Shire Oak staff will deliver the third session to one group of the students and then the Primary staff will deliver the same session to the remaining students at a later date. It is hoped that we can create on-going projects from the workshops so that Primary staff can carry on working with the students to develop their skills further.

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