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Ark St Albans

Ark St Albans

Ark St Alban’s is excited to be a participant in the Digital Schoolhouse program. We expect all of our students to go onto university or into a career of their choice, succeed there and then lead fulfilling and happy lives that make them happy and allow them to contribute back to their community.

We feel immensely privileged to be able to offer Digital Schoolhouse workshops to schools in our local area. We hope to help to develop the provision of computing education within Birmingham and empower teachers to understand the Computing Curriculum so that they feel confident to deliver it in their own schools.

As an outstanding school, teaching is of a very high standard are therefore able to offer bespoke workshops to any school that would like to participate in the program.

Postal address

Ark St Alban’s
Conybere Street
United Kingdom


Our supporters

Supported by Sony Playstation
Supported by Ukie
Supported by Sega
Supported by Warwickshire County Council
Supported by Department of Education
Supported by Mayor Of London