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Ingenious Computing Resources

Ingenious computing and immersive careers education.

All teachers are welcome to download and use our resources in the classroom. Whether you're familiar with the programme or not, discover a whole host of different workshop themes and activities to compliment your teaching (you don't have to be a Digital Schoolhouse Lead Teacher to use our materials!) 

Our Workshops

Download free workshops for your classroom.

Playful Computing Activities

Engage your pupils by learning through play with these shorter standalone activities


Curriculum & Assessment

A range of materials to help understand and assess pupils progress within the computing curriculum.



Our cutting edge classroom innovation is firmly based upon research. Lead our latest research reports here.


Our Workshops

Digital Schoolhouse offers a selection of workshops that are categorised by the following topics. You can either download workshop materials to deliver yourself, or you can book a session with one of our expert Digital Schoolhouse Lead Teachers.

Playful Computing Activities

Engaging pupils by learning through play.

Create a randomised story using the programming concept of arrays with Accidental Adventures!
Why not use origami to teach algorithms? By precisely completing a set of rules in order to solve a problem...
Defined as an unconventional way to resolve a form of puzzle, brain teasers can also be used to explore Computational Thinking. 
Everyone loves a good story. Great stories will inspire you, keep you hooked and transport you to a different realm. Did you know that you...
One of the key playtime activities that almost every child  has engaged in is playing with LEGO bricks. Remember getting the playset,...
Imagine describing a network and the concept of packet switching. If you want students to understand how the networking protocols split up...

Curriculum & Assessment

Curriculum & Assessment are part and parcel of teaching. Use our materials to help you understand the progress your pupils and students are making.

Computing Programmes of Study

We've added our own referencing to the programmes of study to make it easier to link back to lesson plans and assessment documentation.

Progression Matrix

A simplified mechanism for measuring pupil progress. It stretches from base level understanding at the beginner level.

Computational Thinking

These materials are based on the CAS CT Framework and are broken down into easily referencable and usable statements.


Our cutting edge classroom innovation is firmly based upon research. Lead our latest research reports here.

Online Safety

We decided to ask children directly, what they thought of the online safety guidance the were receiving at home and in school.


Does esports have a place in education? Our research says it does. Find out more here.

Programme Impact

Is Digital Schoolhouse making a difference in education? Read our latest impact report here.

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