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3Doodlers and Playdoh

Playful computing activities

Computing is fun! It is possible to teach pupils through play and the activities listed below aim to do just that.

All the activities are available and used within the Digital Schoolhouse workshops and are embedded into a longer sequence of lessons. However, they also work as short standalone activities which can be dropped into any number of lessons; whether you are a computing teacher or not. 

Download a few and try them out

Accidental Adventures

Cat On Yer Head: A game for crowds 

Making Faces: Playdough Programming

Jazzy Jigsaws

The Computational Thinking Duck

Gamebook Computing

The Board Game (Code Kingdoms)

Paint by Pixels

Computational Word Games: Word Sneak

Computational Word Games: Three Word Stories

Nifty Networks

Brain teasers

Origam-orithms: Algorithms

Guess Who

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