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Immersive Careers Education

Together with Nintendo Switch, the Digital Schoolhouse Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team Battle is estimated to reach over 6000 pupils in schools & colleges across the UK this academic year. This immersive experience provides a unique insight into the creative digital sector, to promote homegrown talent and to enable students to aspire to careers pathways they may not have otherwise considered.


In 2017, we piloted our inaurgal schools-based tournament - a seed of an idea which started with just 4 schools...


How is esports relevant to computing education? Our landmark report examines the impact of the tournament on students, teachers and schools.


How Does it Work?


Digital Schoolhouse continues to have a tremendous impact on engaging students with technology and digital creativity. Not only inspiring children, but also educating teachers and parents about the endless opportunities digital skills create. By engaging directly with the esports industry, thousands of children have had hands-on experience in a multitude of important roles developing and running a innovative national tournament. They have benefited from teamwork, strategy and social improvements and heard directly from the industry for guidance and careers advice.




On the Road to Victory (Full) - Esports Tournament

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