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Teach for us

Become a Lead Teacher

Each Digital Schoolhouse appoints one Lead Teacher to supervise the programme at their school. Besides a passion for computer science and implementing digital skills, there's also lots of benefits:

  • Free resources
  • Funding opportunities
  • Personalised support programme for every school
  • Raised profile within the community
  • Part of a fast-growing network of schools locally and nationally
  • CPD events
  • Direct contact with a specialist Digital Schoolhouse teacher
  • Part of leading teaching pedagogy

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The Process


  • Selected schools become Digital Schoolhouses
  • Each Digital Schoolhouse appoints one Lead teacher to supervise the programme in their school


  • Digital Schoolhouse Lead Teachers are trained by universities
  • Free resources and personalised support programmes are offered to the visiting teachers to help them embed computing in their own schools


  • Free and flexible workshops are taught by Lead teachers for visiting schools
  • At the start of each academic year each Digital Schoolhouse writes to their local schools to invite their pupils to attend a Creative Computing day


  • National Digital Schoolhouse network: linking all Digital Schoolhouses on the programme
  • Regional Digital Schoolhouse network: linking local schools together with the local Digital Schoolhouse at the heart of the community


  • Lead teachers are encouraged to share and collaborate with each other and Digital Schoolhouse
  • Resources, research and expertise form a powerful and collaborative approach to revolutionising computing education

Continued support & CPD events

  • Direct contact with a specialist Digital Schoolhouse teacher
  • Lead teacher meetings throughout the academic year
  • Opportunities to attend CPD events

Our supporters

Supported by Sony Playstation
Supported by Ukie
Supported by Sega
Supported by Warwickshire County Council
Supported by Department of Education
Supported by Mayor Of London