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Big Bang 2016 - Day 4 - 2

Resources 4 Parents

All these resources are designed to enable you to support your child with their computing education. While the focus of all the activities is mainly computing, they do support a number of subjects. So for example, many activities will enable children to also practice their artistic skills, or they will tie into reading and numeracy, or perhaps science and geography. 

We believe that computing should be fun and accessible for all. Therefore, each activity is designed to teach computing using fun and games. You don't need to be an expert on computer science to use and deliver the activity, it's much more fun if you can learn alongside your child. Likewise, none of the activities on this site are chargeable, each one is a free download. Additionally, we do not publish activities that will require the purchase of extra materials. Each activity will either be fully inclusive of all resources needed or will only use materials that you will commonly find in your home.

Computational Thinking sits at the heart of our work.

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NB: Activities are constantly under development and continually uploaded to the website, so please check back regularly

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The Computational Duck




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