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Computing for everyone

Digital Schoolhouse is proud to champion Diversity as one of its values. By inclusion through technology, teaching and planning in our workshops, Digital Schoolhouse ensures computing is for everyone:


Who does it help?

Larger keyboard with enlarged keys

Pupils with physical disabilities, fine motor skills or visual impairment

Rollerball mouse

Pupils with physical disabilities and fine motor skills

Dedicated enlarged 20” flat screen monitor

Visually impaired pupils

Amendable font style and size on electronic worksheets

All pupils with individual needs

Wireless keyboard and mouse connected to the teacher’s computer and interactive white board (IWB)

Pupils with various epilepsy conditions, limited mobility

Keyboard visual on IWB models difficult keyboard skills

All pupils

Text-to-speak software combined with personal headphones to complete word processed documents

Pupils with EAL and lower ability (LA) at literacy

Microsoft Windows Magnifying Glass application for modelling tasks on the IWB

Pupils at the back of the classroom who may not be able to see the IWB clearly

Step-by-step video tutorials using a freeware screen capturing technology to model and demonstrate a given task

More able and gifted & talented (G&T) pupils

Teaching and Planning

Who does it help?

Clear and simple auditory instructions

All pupils

KS3 concepts of project management

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and LA pupils

Seating plan

All pupils with individual learning needs, styles and ability

Individual learning needs (ILN) form

All pupils



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