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Support your local school at a qualifier near you

Author: Laura.Martin

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Deliveries are rolling into the office and consequently, us DSH-ers are sat amongst a pile of boxes and packing peanuts… all in the name of esports. Each box is full of goodies for our Regional Qualifiers, and behold, all regional participants will be awarded with some pretty amazing prizes. In DSH style, it’s the taking part that counts in this competition, however our Regional Champs most certainly won’t go home unrewarded. We have some beautiful crystal for the delight of their school trophy cabinets, and not forgetting they’ll be the stars of the tournament finale at none other than Gfinity’s London arena on 10 April, as part of the London Games Festival.

Our Regionals kick off next week at Belong arenas in Nottingham (4 March) and Teesside (6 March). Sophia and I will be welcoming some new and enthusiastic participants into the arena, in addition to some DSH esports veterans including 2017 esports champions and 2018 2nd runners up, Team Veracity from St John Fisher’s Catholic Voluntary Academy. This Schoolhouse continues to immerse itself in the competition and has successfully integrated esports into everyday school life, besides forging fruitful relationships with the local community for the continued betterment of esports in their school.

Since October 2018, our schools and colleges from England and Northern Ireland have undergone fierce internal competition to find their School Champions. These 36 teams will compete in 5 additional locations in our largest Regional Qualifiers yet. Locations include:

  • Belong Craigavon (11 March)
  • Staffordshire University (13 March)
  • Belong Bristol (18 March)
  • Belong Stratford (26 March)
  • Lakeside Sportsworld (27 March)

But it’s not all about the players. During the school heats, students have also undertaken esports events and production roles crafted by the video games industry, for Education. Student shoutcasters will continue to be at the forefront of competition and you can catch them on Twitch on each of these respective dates.

Whether you’re in the games industry or Education, we invite you to pop by and see this immersive careers experience in action. You can register here.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.


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