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Coleshill school

The Coleshill School's journey as a Digital Schoolhouse

Author: sophia.aker

Digital Schoolhouse thrives on the passion and ingenuity of Lead Teachers in our Schoolhouses. Our success is a credit to their hard work, drive and ambition. Here’s how one school, The Coleshill School, first got involved with Digital Schoolhouse and how the programme benefits their wider community. 

“The Coleshill School first decided to get involved in Digital Schoolhouse with the objective of building links with local primary schools, and 12 months in, the benefits have far exceeded expectations.

We were introduced to the programme by Warwickshire County Council and were so impressed by what the programme had to offer, we applied to become a Schoolhouse straight away. We’re currently working with six primary schools a year, and we believe a significant number of students have chosen to come to us specifically because they’ve enjoyed the Digital Schoolhouse experience so much.

The programme simplifies and explains concepts away from a computer, which we never would have explored before. We use this approach with the primary schools, but also apply the same concept to our own students. We’ve put quite a lot of what we’ve learned into our schemes of work for our Key Stage 3 students; ultimately, it’s changed the way we teach computing in the school as a whole! 

Undoubtedly, the programme benefits secondary schools, but it is hugely valuable for primaries too. It’s a great way to start teaching key skills related to computing from a young age. The programme also appeals to both girls and boys; generally, younger age groups don’t differentiate between ‘boy subjects’ or ‘girl subjects’. It reinforces that fact that both can excel in computing, which we expect, will mean significantly less girls shying away from the subject as they get older.   

There’s absolutely no downside to the programme. We’d encourage other secondary schools to apply to become Schoolhouses, and recommend that primary schools reach out to their nearest Schoolhouse to schedule some workshops.”

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