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Introducing Sophia as Digital Schoolhouse intern

Author: sophia.aker

Hello everyone,

As the newest member of the Digital Schoolhouse team I thought it would be a good opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and what motivated me to be a part of DSH. Having graduated from Durham University earlier this summer, I am excited to start my role as DSH’s Programme Coordinator Intern and to be involved in running this great programme. 

I grew up in a small coastal town along the Oslo fjord in Norway where I lived until moving to the UK for university in 2015. I remember well going to school and being a curious learner. Fortunately, my school was forward-looking and encouraged integrating play-based learning. Learning through games inspired me and was a nice break from the traditional style of teaching. In lessons, teachers often incorporated gamification, simulations and interactive games to encourage participation and enthusiasm in maths, science, and languages. We also had a weekly computer technology class which taught us skills such as how to build a website, create educational games, and learn to code. Meanwhile we were informed of the risks and the need to be cautious and responsible online.

From personal experience I can therefore see the benefit of games as an educational tool. It engages children and inspires creative, out of the box thinking, which is what feeds the diverse and quirky video games industry. It is also important in enabling children to access the benefits of computer science and gaming in the effort to close the digital skills gap. The massive and constantly evolving technical revolution has and will continue to change the nature of jobs and industry. 

Keeping education up-to-date and making sure we are adequately equipping new generations with the confidence, knowledge and skills to make them succeed is what made me want to join Digital Schoolhouse. I look forward to learning more about the programme and being a part of the mission to change educational curricula across the UK. I feel I have already learned so much about the positive aspects of play-based learning and I am excited to see DSH continue to grow and impact education.

You can follow my journey with DSH on Twitter @UkieSoph and contact me at


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