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A fun, educational and inspirational day at the Warwickshire DSH roadshow

Author: sophia.aker

Schoolhouses across Warwickshire & Coventry successfully launched and delivered the anticipated DSH Warwickshire Roadshow earlier this month. In an attempt to support children in hard to reach areas and promote the many benefits of play-based learning, Stratford-upon-Avon was certainly the place to be as primary pupils and teachers came together for a fun and educational day as part of the Digital Schoolhouse programme.

The launch event was hosted by King Edward VI School. With help from the students of Kineton High, The Coleshill School, and Campion School, and with support from DSH sponsor, Warwickshire County Council, the day consisted of exciting activities, workshops and talks. A number of local schools also attended the event and were able to enjoy the plethora of activities. Also present were teachers, local press and representatives from the council.

Rich Eddy, Mayor of Warwick and Communications Director of Jagex inspired all with his opening talk. Talking the students through the last 30 years of the games industry where it all began, he also highlighted the physical play involved in games, the importance of STEAM subjects, and the many career opportunities in the video games industry.

A number of exciting workshops were also held on the day. Everything from programming line follower robots, to developing algorithms through dance (“get with the algo-rhythm!”), and many other computer processing concepts were on offer. Certificates were awarded to school students who demonstrated exceptional input, such as Chloe from The Coleshill School who was awarded an ‘Outstanding Contribution’ certificate!

All in all, the schools and Warwickshire County Council made it a day to remember. It seemed like everyone who attended had an amazing time, and we hope they went home feeling inspired, informed and excited about all the opportunities that computing education can offer.

The roadshow will continue across Warwickshire & Coventry over the next few months. Keep up-to-date by following us @DigSchoolhouse.


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