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DSH talk esports at The Children's Media Conference 2018

Author: Laura.Martin

Digital Schoolhouse recently travelled to Sheffield for The Children's Media Conference (CMC) 2018, welcoming professionals across sectors serving the children's and youth audience including: television production, interactive media, games, the academic community and more.

In true DSH fashion we decided to shake things up and introduce delegates to the world of Esports

Esports is a growing global phenomenon, however not everyone is aware of it - let alone it’s educational value. As the bridge between industry and education, this is precisely why we joined forces with some of the sector’s key players including ESL UK and Riot Games to explain exactly how it can be used to engage audiences.

Discover more about Digital Schoolhouse's Esports Tournament here.

The Esports - Ready to Play? session, produced by our very own Shahneila Saeed and Ray Maguire (Digital Learning Delivery), included panellists, James Dean (ESL UK), Mo Fadl (Riot Games) and Mark Ward (St John Fisher CVA), and moderator, Heather Dower (ESL UK).

Read the ‘Esports - Ready to Play?’ session report here.

Setting the scene, ESL UK with shoutcasters, Ketchup (Ryan Neal) and Mustard (Jake Neal), also showcased the delights of esports with an onsite tournament, providing delegates with a taster of the real thing before the session kicked off.

Find out what happened at the CMC esports tournament by ESL UK here.

Whether you’re a teacher, student, industry professional or esports fanatic, if you want to get involved in our Esports Tournament, please get in touch.


Photo by Children's Media Conference


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