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Introducing red tier supporter TeacherGaming

Author: Laura.Martin

Joining our headline sponsor PlayStation, we are delighted to introduce our newest Red tier supporter for the Digital Schoolhouse programme, TeacherGaming (TG).

TG is a Finnish game-based learning brand that seeks to elevate learning by bringing the power of blockbuster games to classrooms.

Best known for developing the educational version of IPs like Minecraft, the brand's flagship product is TeacherGaming Desk, an online service that combines popular games with ready-made lesson plans and learning analytics. The aim of this toolkit, to facilitate the use of games in any teacher’s classroom, regardless of previous skill or experience.

Santeri Koivisto, CEO of TeacherGaming, explains why it’s important they support DSH: It's always great to work together with others who believe in learning through play as passionately as we do. Every child should be given a chance to learn and grow in ways that come naturally to them, and Digital Schoolhouse is doing a great job with making that vision a reality. Teachers who participate in the DSH programme are true trailblazers.

It's not enough to just hand them [students] knowledge. We need to teach them how to internalise it, to apply it, to think about it critically and form their own theories and conclusions so that they can become smart and balanced adults

Championing the philosophy behind the brand, TG believe games are the most powerful learning and creative medium available, and anyone can teach with them if given the right tools. Here at Digital Schoolhouse, we agree that games are an incredible tool for engaging students in the Computing curriculum and we are thrilled to welcome TG on board.

Koivisto states: It's incredibly important that we spend time teaching them [students] the skills most of us learned through trial and error. Once we've laid a solid foundation for them, they are prepared to pursue any related career if they so wish, be it programming or game design.

TG have joined the programme as a Red tier Programme Supporter, contributing to the nationwide impact of the programme.

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