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The Duke of York’s iDEA accredits DSH Esports

Author: Laura.Martin

Digital Schoolhouse powered by PlayStation, and The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) are proud to be collaborating this year, as part of the National Esports Tournament that concluded earlier this month, at Gfinity’s arena in Fulham Broadway.

iDEA is accrediting the hard work of esports participants in recognition of the importance of the video games industry and education's role in helping young people discover career paths.

Kerensa Jennings, who runs The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award comments:

"DSH Esports opens up so many opportunities for young people, building their confidence and giving them the chance to develop their talents and skills. In an increasingly digital world, it is vital to be able to show employers what you are capable of."

The Duke of York's education initiative wants to help introduce young people to the jobs of tomorrow, today, in the video games, tech and creative industries sector. Shining a light on the tournament is one way iDEA is helping to do that - by awarding micro credentials in the form of digital badges to the shoutcasters, event managers, tournament admins, community managers, production crew and competitors.

Shahneila Saeed, programme director of Digital Schoolhouse comments:

“The tournament allows students to develop a vast array of skills and they put what they’ve learnt in the classroom into practice in a real life environment. That iDEA have recognised this and are accrediting the skills gained, is an extremely valuable badge for the students. In an environment where having a portfolio of work is essential for career progression, this collaboration gives students a head start on the employment ladder”.

Anyone can develop digital skills for free on, which has been established to enhance people's chances on the job market and become economically active. Jennings adds "iDEA badges create a pathway to gain industry-recognized awards to help you stand out from the crowd."


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