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Apply now! Become a Digital Schoolhouse.

Author: Laura.Martin

It’s that time of the year again and we’re thrilled to announce that applications for joining the Digital Schoolhouse programme are now open!

This academic year, the programme confidently hit it’s 30-school milestone and in September 2018 we aim to propel this figure to new heights; expanding to further reaches of the UK and inspiring even more students in computing education. To do this, we need you.


So why should you become a Digital Schoolhouse?

In a nutshell, to help revolutionise computing education. By joining the programme you’ll help teachers and industry folk alike to realise their shared vision: to bridge the gap between industry and education to prepare the next generation for a digital age.

Programme benefits include:

  • Resources
  • CPD events
  • Personalised support programme for every school
  • Funding opportunities
  • Direct links with the UK video games industry
  • Raised profile within the community
  • Part of a fast-growing network of schools locally and nationally
  • Direct contact with a specialist Digital Schoolhouse teacher
  • Part of leading teaching pedagogy

And what’s more, it’s FREE! No strings attached. We promise.

In return, we will help you to harness your own creativity for a lasting impact on pupils, and to challenge perceptions of computing through exploration and innovation with the DSH teacher community.

We believe that the next generation is an essential driving force for the UK’s Creative Digital economy and if they’re to thrive, it is our duty and responsibility to ensure they are aptly equipped.

It has supported teachers across the partnership and helped teachers develop their skills and knowledge in order to help children learn – Julie Bond, Computing Lead, Ryder Hayes Primary School

How does it work?

1. Apply

Submit your Expression of Interest here (closes 31/03/19)

Schools/ educational institutions who express an interest will be contacted to confirm their programme application. Simply expressing an interest in DSH does not commit you to the programme. Confirmed schools will then be shortlisted for selection visits by the DSH team.

Each selected school becomes a Digital Schoolhouse and a Digital Schoolhouse Lead Teacher (DSLT) is appointed to supervise the programme in their school.

2. Train

DSLTs are trained by universities with free resources & CPD opportunities. A personalised support programme is offered to visiting teachers to help them embed computing in their own schools.

3. Teach

Free and flexible workshops are taught by Lead teachers to visiting schools. At the start of each academic year, each Digital Schoolhouse writes to their local schools to invite their pupils to attend a Creative Computing day.

Stimulating learning environment which focuses the children while enabling teachers to teach computer science – Robert Hicks, Assistant Head Teacher, Even Swindon Primary School

Take a look inside our workshops

4. Network

Teachers are linked with our National network of Digital Schoolhouses, as well as linking with local/ feeder schools.

5. Share

Lead teachers are encouraged to share and collaborate with each other and Digital Schoolhouse. Resources, research and expertise form a powerful and collaborative approach to revolutionising computing education.

If you have any questions about the application process or the programme itself please get in touch.

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