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Teaching Creativity at DSH Ingenuity Day

Author: Laura.Martin

Last week the programme hosted it's second Ingenuity Day - formally known as Lead Teacher Meeting - of the academic year. Due to the ever-expanding number of schools involved in the programme, the day was hosted in two different locations for our teachers across the UK. Namely, The Studio School Liverpool and the Ukie offices in Central London.

The day is an opportunity for our Lead Teachers to come together as a community; share ideas, opportunities and their progression throughout their journey as a Digital Schoolhouse. As always, we also try to squeeze in a little DSH magic to keep things playful and inspirational throughout!

Scirra, our newest Red tier supporter, dropped by to meet our Lead Teachers and unveil their newly released game development software, Construct 3, and its classroom potential. This new software is designed for people who don’t know how to program, to make video games - the event-based system also allows teachers to teach the principles of programming, product design and more.

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Friends of Digital Schoolhouse, Firebolt Games, also joined us to demonstrate how AR can be used in education.

Last but not least, We are IVE, a social enterprise who support the development of creativity as a transferable skill, delivered a thought-provoking afternoon workshop. It aimed to encourage teachers to consider different ways of delivering classroom exercises, whilst enabling pupils to remain focused and express maximum creativity too! 

From playing with new software to building paper mini beasts and egg transportation, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day of learning and exploration.

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