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Introducing our newest supporter Scirra

Author: Laura.Martin

We are delighted to introduce our newest supporter for the Digital Schoolhouse programme, Scirra. 

Founded in 2011 by brothers, Ashley and Thomas Gullen, Scirra develops and markets software which enables people who don’t know how to programme, to make video games.

Products include Construct 2, which has an international user base. Whilst their market focus began with Hobbyists, they’ve seen an increasing uptake of the product in the education space over the past three years. Here, Construct 2 has been used to teach not only game making, but the principles of programming, collaborative working and more.

With the release of  Construct 3 earlier this year - a completely browser based product - Scirra has increased its focus on Education by making the software easier and quicker to use, as well as developing education-specific features.

Roger Henderson, Managing Director of Scirra says, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of the DSH project, particularly given that we as we have developed Construct 3 we have had the education market very much in mind alongside our traditional Hobbyist community. We look forward to working with the DSH Lead Teachers to develop lesson oriented assets that we can distribute to the wider education community. It is an exciting time for us.”

Scirra have joined the programme as a Red tier Programme Supporter, contributing to the nationwide impact of the programme.

Find out more about our sponsorship tiers.

Digital Schoolhouse is incredibly excited to see the implementation of Construct 3 in the classrooms and we would like to extend a huge welcome to Scirra coming on board as a programme supporter.

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