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Esports Tournament Grand Final Announced

Author: Shahneila Saeed

Our inaugural Digital Schoolhouse eSports Tournament kicked off in January with approx. 400 students taking part from four different Digital Schoolhouses across the country. Our first regional finalists to be announced were team LAT from Shire Oak Academy. They will be joined by three other teams representing Gilredge House School, St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy and New College.

All four regional winners will compete in a grand final event at Gfinity London Arena on Tuesday 4th April as part of the London Games Festival.

Shire Oak Winners

Supported by the video games industry, this event is designed to engage and inspire students with computing technology and the creative digital sector using a medium and a platform that students are already very familiar with. By using the medium of games, students are introduced to and given insight into a new world of career opportunities developing in the UK within the eSports sector.

Students are very much at the forefront of the entire tournament, with many taking on the responsibility of organising much of the regional heats. The teamwork and collaboration required to play the game along with the strategic thinking required to win the game, provides creative links to help develop computational thinking skills. The game itself is a strong hook for further cross-curricular computing opportunities and ongoing work. We want the participants to think beyond the enjoyment of the game, to the people who have utilised their expertise in computing and creative technology to successfully build a game that is enjoyed by millions globally. 

From encouraging students to engage with education to careers education, and cross-curricular creative computing lessons, to planting the seed of alternative career paths, eSports is a cutting edge and highly motivating educational experience for all those involved with it.

Attendance is by invitation only, so if you are interested in joining us for the finals then please contact Shahneila

Want to be a part of next year’s tournament? Then register your interest here to join the Digital Schoolhouse national programme.


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