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Teaching Computing with the BBC & BAFTA YGD

Author: Shahneila Saeed

Games engage and excite students in a way that few other topics can. It's why so many teachers ensure that games development is attempted at least once during each key stage. Using the medium of games we can bring together all the different strands of computing and combine it with artistic creativity and fun. 

Games are a wonderful way to bring together the different elements of STEAM education. However, few teachers are familiar with the game development techniques and concepts that professional games designers follow. That's why we teamed up with Kuato Studios and Disney to bring you the Loopy Games and Oddventurous Gaming workshops. Both of which are now featured on the BBC's Mixital website as recommended teaching resources for Games Design.

We are also proud to work with BAFTA to support their development of curriculum resources for the Young Games Designers Competition. By using the range of resources available, teachers are now able to deliver games development units to their students using methodologies and practices followed by the professionals in the industry.

Get your students developing games like the pro's! And then what better way to recognise their efforts than to get them to submit their idea or game to the BAFTA Young Games Designers Competition. Who knows, they might win themselves a BAFTA award.

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