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New Resource: Jazzy Jigsaws

Author: Shahneila Saeed

Everyone has a strategy for solving jigsaw puzzles. 

Jigsaw puzzles in their various shapes and forms are a well known pastime. We introduce young children to simple puzzles to help them recognise images, shapes, colours and more. For many, as we get older the fascination only increases. With jigsaw puzzles constructed with thousands of pieces, taking days or weeks to solve. The link between jigsaw puzzles and logical reasoning and problem solving is well known. You need a strategy to solve a puzzle thats made up of 5000 tiny pieces! Well, dig a little deeper and  there are direct links to computational thinking too.

Using Jigsaw Puzzles in the right way in the classroom can help learners develop a range of thinking skills, as well as being a fun and simple activity to do. Suitable for all ages, this activity brings play based learning into the classroom. Spend 5 minutes or 50, the activity works well as both a lesson starter as well as a serving a central focus for the lesson itself. 

Jazzy Jigsaws is part of our Playful Computing range of activities, designed to teach computing using innovative new techniques.

We would like to thank Code Kingdoms for their work in supporting the development of this resource.  

 Jazzy Jigsaw


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