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Year 6 pupils demonstrate the 21 Card Trick at Townley Grammar DSH

The Digital Schoolhouse is making a difference

Author: Shahneila Saeed

It’s proven; that after only a month of workshops, initial findings indicate that the Digital Schoolhouse improves teaching pedagogy and pupil achievement.

Digital Schoolhouse lead teachers have reported that the training and process of planning and delivering workshops has improved their knowledge and understanding of teaching pedagogy and had a positive impact on improving their teaching techniques from KS2 – KS5. One Lead DSH teacher comments “There are lots of different ways of delivering a potentially dry topic in an interesting way...Improved my teaching to KS4 and KS5” The Digital Schoolhouse teachers have also commented on new techniques and resources being developed and delivered as ‘fun’ and ‘inspiring’.

Initial pre- and post- workshop results indicate a statistically significant difference in pupil’s responses after attending a workshop. It is clear that attending a Digital Schoolhouse workshop had a positive impact and helped improve pupils understanding of various computing concepts; or at least their confidence in what they understood. Results indicate a significantly positive improvement in all computing strands; this includes those that were not directly and obviously covered during the workshop that pupils participated in.

An additional interesting finding is that females appeared to make greater progress overall than their male counterparts, with a statistically significant difference between males and females.

It is safe to conclude that initial findings indicate that the Digital Schoolhouse does increase educational attainment and progress in computing for Key Stage 2 pupils as well as improving teaching pedagogy. 


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