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Big Bang 2016 - Day 4 - 2

Who we are

The Digital Schoolhouse programme uses play-based learning to engage the next generation of pupils and teachers with the new Computing curriculum (which began on 1st September 2014).
Digital Schoolhouse (DSH) delivered by Ukie and powered by PlayStation®, is a not-for-profit programme which enables Secondary schools (Digital Schoolhouses) to deliver creative computing workshops to visiting Primary school pupils.

Our mission

Revolutionise computing education to inspire the next generation.

Our vision

Bridge the gap between industry and education to prepare the next generation for a digital age.

What we do

The programme has a wholistic approach to the improvement of computing education, everything from teacher CPD, to engaging classroom resources and innovative careers education

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Our workshops

Find your nearest school to book a workshop visit for your class.

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Curriculum & assessment

DSH maps pupil progression & computational thinking

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Online resource library

Free to download resources using a play-based learning pedagogy

Our story


Digital Schoolhouse couldn't exist without the support of our sponsors, teachers, parents and friends in Education and Industry; each with a vital part to play in an ever-expanding network. 


Here at Digital Schoolhouse, we also give back. 
Find out how you can get involved and in turn, how Digital Schoolhouse can benefit you.


Digital Schoolhouse powered by PlayStation® - National Launch

Our supporters

Supported by Sony Playstation
Supported by Ukie
Supported by Sega
Supported by Warwickshire County Council