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Loopy Games: An Iterative Games Design Workshop

Loopy Games aims to help pupils design and create their own game using methodology that reflects the processes followed in the UK Games Industry. Developed in consultation and collaboration with Kuato Studios and the Video Games Ambassadors, this workshop brings industry expertise into the classroom.

The pupils begin the day by meeting a games industry professional and learning about how games are made. With their support, the pupils then develop and research their own game idea. Organised into groups, each team assigns specific roles to each pupil, mimicking industry practice where teams are made up of different specialists. Each pupil takes the responsibility for a different aspect of the game, namely: artwork, sound, game design and game mechanics. The roles are interchangeable and each pupil is able to develop their skills in a specific area, such as graphical editing, sound editing, programming and design.

An iterative methodology is used, where groups are given the opportunity to gather feedback and revisit their designs at each stage of the development process. The end result is a complex and engaging game, made possible only because of effective team work. 

Public files


Loopy Games Workshop Pack

Activity 1 - Game Concept.docx
Activity 1 - Game Concept.pdf
Loopy Games Teaching Guide.docx
Loopy Games Teaching Guide.pdf
Activity 2 - Game Research Group Feedback.docx
Activity 2 - Game Research Group Feedback.pdf
Activity 2 - Game Research.docx
Activity 3 - Game Design.docx
Activity 3 - Game Design.pdf
Activity 4 - Artist.docx
Activity 4 - Artist.pdf
Activity 4 - Games Programmer.docx
Activity 4 - Games Programmer.pdf
Activity 4 - Planning Algorithms.docx
Activity 4 - Planning Algorithms.pdf
Activity 4 - Sound Engineer.docx
Activity 4 - Sound Engineer.pdf
Game Development Cycle.pdf
Organise a VGA Visit.docx
Organise a VGA Visit.pdf
VGA Brief.docx
VGA Brief.pdf
Making Games in GameMaker.pdf


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