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Booking Guidance

Booking a workshop with the Digital Schoolhouse is simple. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Choose your workshop. We have a range of workshops that you could choose from; each one of which is mapped to the new Computing Programmes of Study, CAS Progression Pathways and the Computational Thinking Framework. Not all the workshops focus on programming either. we also have workshops on Networking, Graphical representation and Databases.
    The workshops
  2. Select your Digital Schoolhouse. We have a number of centres covering a wide region. Each one operates a full programme of workshops. Can't find a school that's close enough to you? Then contact Shahneila to see how we can help accomodate your needs.
    Digital Schoolhouses 
  3. Pick a date. All our Digital Schoolhouses operate on different days of the week, so please ensure you check the school profile for available days before you make your booking. Note: If you haven't done so already, then you will need to register your details on the site before you book.
  4. Download the booking documents. These are adapted for each Digital Schoolhouse and contain documents such as permission letters for your students, class lists, seating plans and the all important Risk Assessment Document. Please complete these and return them to the Digital Schoolhouse that you intend to visit. 
  5. Complete the surveys. We have two surveys that we'd like you and your pupils to take before you arrive for your workshop. The surveys shouldn't take you too long to complete and are essential in helping us monitor the impact of our work. 

Primary Teacher Survey

Pupil Survey

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